Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wife to Sue Husband after Google Search Revelations

Now this is something we should expect more frequently in the future. A woman in Miami has decided to sue her husband for hiding his lottery winnings - $600,000 – from her. And, guess who helped her discover the truth? Our good, old Google of course!

The man, Arnim Ramdass, has been into lotteries and gambling for quite some time, and always used up his marital money for the same. However, when he actually won something, he conveniently kept it from his wife, Donna Campbell.

Campbell suspected he was hiding something when he blocked all means of communication, like disconnecting the phone line and keeping the television switched off. The arrival of a congratulatory postcard led her to confront her husband regarding the same. And, when he refused to divulge, she used Google to find out the truth.

Her Google search results clearly revealed that her husband had won a lottery and was hiding the news from her. She has, therefore, decided to sue him and claim for half of the lottery amount as compensation.

The importance of search engines in our daily lives can be easily evidenced through cases like these. Come to think of it, in this case, Google knew more about the husband's doings than his wife!

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