Friday, November 23, 2007

We can Claim our Blogs at Technorati

A piece of good news for bloggers, especially the ones doing it for business purposes. Technorati, one of the most popular search engines for blogs, gives you the option of claiming your blog on its network. Now you can feature your name, description and even photograph next to your blog on search results on the site.

This move also gives you the opportunity of getting your blog featured on Technorati's homepage. Enhance your visibility on the search engine by enlisting yourself in up to 20 different categories available here.

The process of claiming a blog is simple. Just create an account in Technorati free of cost; log in and click on the 'Blogs' link on the top of the page. Next, enter the URL of your blog into the box titled 'Claim your Blog'. You will then have to follow the HTML coding instructions mentioned on the page. These codes are easily comprehensible, even for the lay user.

You need to copy-paste the mentioned code in your blog and publish it. As soon as this is done, you can come back to this window and click on the 'Claim Your Blog' link. Voila! You have claimed your blog on Technorati. This claim gives you an identity on the search engine, thus helping you popularise your blog and rake in targeted traffic.

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