Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kickstart your Career with Yahoo!

Yahoo refuses to get bogged down by Google's splurge in the online marketplace. The Internet giant is all set to launch a new social networking site in the first week of November. To be known as Kickstart, the site will be primarily used as a career networking tool, wherein students and recruiters can participate to better their prospects.

It is touted to be a network that'll help college students or fresh graduates build a professional network of 'friends, philosophers and guides'. This will eventually help them in taking important career decisions as well. Kickstart, Google insists, will be a networking site sans the fun element that dominates sites like Facebook. It'll be meant for pure professional camaraderie.

Apart from students, alumni and career consultants can be a part of Yahoo's Kickstart. Users will also be able to post their CV along with other personal details. And, like other social networking sites, they can scan other people's profiles and make 'friends' with them.

A number of universities have shown interest in having their communities on this network. If you are a student, Kickstart will definitely be one of your favourite web pages in the times to come.

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