Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Buyers awaiting Google Phone

The air is rife with speculation that search engine kingpin Google is planning to launch its phone in near future. As per latest industry news, the company has already made huge amount of investment in this 'dream' project.

To be known as GPhone, the handset will have compatibility to other Google products like Gmail, Google Search and Google Maps. This means, as a user, we will have the all-inclusive world of Google at our disposal through one mobile phone. It is rumoured that the production contracts for GPhone will be given to a variety of manufacturers. However, another faction believes that the contract will be awarded on the basis of an auction.

Google itself is mum about the project, but a few insiders claim that the company is actually in talks with a few reputed mobile networks and handset manufacturers to customise Google applications in mobile phones.

Even though experts insist that the project will still take some time to take off, buyers in the mobile phone market are eagerly waiting to have a dekko at this supposedly high-profile product.

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