Monday, February 12, 2007

Niche Market(More, More)

As I discussed how to pick up the right Niche, it is very important to say the right thing to you audience or to have the right approach to your potential clients.

2. Say the right thing.
When approaching a new market niche, it's imperative to speak their language. In other words, you should understand the market's "hot buttons" and be prepared to communicate with the target group as an understanding member and not as an outsider. For instance (Taking the example from my previous blog)

When your audiance is the community of Hydrolics engineers you should be ready with all the important terms and have an in depth knowledge of the things they require and what you have to offer them. In addition to launching a unique campaign for the new niche, you may need to alter other, more basic elements, such as your company tag line if it translates poorly to another language, for example.

Look at this product from BOSS International which serves a very particular application in the Civil engineering domain.


Have a look at the features and the kind of thing he has tried to put forward, you will notice it is very specific and would only be umderstood by a person who does that..........................

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