Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Niche market(That is where the money is!)

Niche Marketing, as the name suggests, is concentrated upon a targeted segment of the market. It is mostly that the services and products being provided are not taken care of by major players in the market. Such a business is often more profitable in that it is an ignored or less targeted segment of the market. It is always profitable to find out and develop a market niche. so niche is aiming products at particular groups.

It is often possible that niche marketing involves catering to a small but profitable segment interested in custom-made products or services. It does not make business sense for big companies to invest in them because of economies of scale. Online niche marketing offers a level playing field to all. A lot of keywords and keypharase analysis is required for niche markting on the net. For small business it is indeed a boon. No large business can satisfy all its customers. One can also create niche websites which matches the niche products of affiliates. This is called niche affiliate marketing. An affiliate network has products across several niches and you can build a website related to a particular niche and monetize your traffic.

So it is time to capitalize on niche marketing.

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