Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yahoo! then Google and now Microsoft?!

Yahoo! has acquired the remaining stake in online advertising auction site Right Media by paying $680 mn in cash and stock in the company.
The deal gives Yahoo, which bought 20 percent of Right Media in October, access to more than 20,000 buyers and sellers of online advertising. This definitely helps Yahoo! in battling with rival Google who recently acquired DoubleClick.

How could microsoft be left behind? 'Mr.Gates & Co' have emerged as a contender to this 'Battle Royale', along with ad giant WPP Group, to buy Internet ad firm 24/7 Real Media. Microsoft is considering a price in the $1 billion range for 24/7 Media - a giant leap from the $600 million valuation analysts placed on the firm, says a local news channel.

Good going Microsft! I guess it was worth it to diversify after all!

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