Monday, March 5, 2007

Niche Market Online

Sorry for keeping you guys wait. Its made almost a week I updated my blog.

Any way before you choose a niche think of the things which you have an expertise on??????
To see the popularity of the expertise do the KEI for the key words on overture or, even google. See the kind of competition you would expect. You have to pick up an area which is not (mobile, finance or, some thing of that popularity) some thing which has a mass appeal(may not be huge).

Majority of the clients are going to come online, so SEO is going to be one of the huge area of intelligent investment for your organisation.

The maximum number of people on your site comming through a search result would be a big chunk of motivated future clients.

Every one who comes to you web site should be able to remember it, so that sooner or latter when he requires your expertise he directly comes to you rather going for your alternate.

At BOSS Intenational we use to get most of our clients through google's searches and if he contacted me for any sort of a query, I was sure soon or later this guy is going to buy software and my consultancy services.

River CAD XP was my best bet...................

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